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Tanque Verde is an amazing working Dude Ranch that spans over tens of thousands of acres.  Please check your schedule against the map and classroom locations to make sure you know where you are headed.

The Ranch

ranch drone.jpg

The Barn

The Ranch.jpg

The Barn is located near the entrance of the Ranch and a 5-minute walk from the ranch itself.  There will be shuttles available for folks who do not wish to walk.

Wrangler's Roost

wranglers roost.jpg

The Wrangler's Roost can be found next to the horse corral.

Buena Vista Room

Ranch house.jpg

The Buena Vista Room can be found as you enter the Ranch House where the Main Dining Hall is located.  This is where our Educational Partners will be stationed when not in a class.

The Main Pool

The Main Pool is located just outside of the Main Dining Room and the Buena Vista Room.  If you have signed up for Underwater Fine Art Portraits with Cheryl, this will be your classroom.

saguaro room.jpg

The Saguaro Room


The Saguaro Room is located to the right of the Main Dining Hall downstairs.  This room will be split into two rooms.  

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is located in the same building as the Saguaro Room next to the Main Dining Hall.

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